“How does culture influence one’s belief systems and how can getting to know different cultures change your own belief system? Use the film and your own experiences in your answer”

It’s not too rare that we’ll hear some elder person speak negatively about a certain ethnicity or country, and mostly base their statements on pure stereotypes. That type of prejudice and racism is luckily not as common within the younger generation, and I have a specific idea as to why that is.

As we see in the 2008 movie “Gran Torino”, Walt Kowalski was quite reluctant when greeting anything other than what he perceived as “normal” or common. We see examples of his repellent behavior when being introduced to his wife’s pastor and when interacting with his neighbors. You’ll see him act quite high-and-mighty when surrounded by these people, especially when they are attempting to educate him about their little society. But as the movie goes on, and his information about the culture grows, you’ll se Walter adjusting and becoming apart of a new community. He gets invited to cook-outs, befriends the neighboorhod family, befriends the preist and even confesses his sins (something i which he refused greatly).

And therefore I present the conclusion that prejudice is, most of the time, just a symbol of fear or lack of knowlegde about specific cultures and ethnicities.

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