Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

The democratic president candidate, Joe Biden, has shown to lead a “healthy 6-point average” from current president, Trump, in the general election. informs that Harvard and The Harris Poll show a similar 6-point lead, while a Monmouth poll from the beginning of the month shows a 9-point lead for the former vice president. These ratings are believed to be a result of the public’s response to how Trump’s administration has been handling the country’s COVID-19 outbreak. Surprisingly enough, Biden’s numbers have remained steady despite an accusation of past sexual misconduct that many deem credible.

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Suffragette: “-… all my life I’ve respectful, done what men have told me, I know better now- …”

In the movie Suffragette (2015), we meet mother and laundry worker Maud Watts, a fictional character meant to represent an active participant in a very real event. This event being the women’s empowerment movement that took place in 1910’s England, and their fight for the right to vote, dubbed Suffragette; a woman seeking the right to vote through organized protest. Though mostly basing the storyline around fictional characters, some of the mentioned women were crucial to this movement, such as Emily Davidson and Emmeline Pankhurst. The mix of real and fictional merge together in a painfully beautiful harmony as they accentuate and build the many characters story line, while mainly focusing Watts’.

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The Hate U Give: Final Thoughts and Reflections


Some of the first things that are mentioned in the book is the lessons the main character, Starr Carter, is taught by her parents; what to do when approached by the cops. She repeats the lesson to the reader about doing whatever the police tell her, keeping her hands visible, not making any sudden moves and only speaking when spoken to. The book “The Hate U Give” brings up many diverse subjects by showing insights into the African American community and to the life of many young African Americans. The author, Angie Thomas, shows insight through this fictional story that’s based on very much real happenings.

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The 13th

The documentary “The 13th” by Ava DuVernay, presented a lot of facts and figures I were partly aware of yet not really. I’ve done two in-depth projects, both on police brutality and black lives matter, yet I sort of continue to think that the current state isn’t “that” bad. I know it’s 100% unacceptable at this point, but it’s almost like I won’t allow myself to think about how crucial it actually is. When I saw this documentary, it was therefore more like a reminder that “Hey! Yeah you! Here’s even more facts about how the system corrupts black lives, and yep it’s influenced by capitalism”. It’s upsetting, enraging and tragic, but it’s true. Though it hit heavy on my heart to see the 13th, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a must-see. After all, if we as a people were to avoid everything that made us uncomfortable then there wouldn’t be much justice in the world.

The documentary left me educated and aware on an important issue, it was clearly made with a lot of devotion and effort. I can’t say I’m left wondering about any question, but this again is the results of a well-directed documentary.

Book Review: The First Three Chapters

“The Hate U Give” is a powerful statement written in an incredibly engaging manner. The first three chapters set the tone and theme for the rest of the book as we’re explained the meaning of the title, and how these chapters form the focus of the plot. The killing of Khalil, a friend of the main person Starr, acts as the main event of this book. This puts the focus on police brutality and, racism, and goes into depth about the effects on the surroundings of such events.

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My Thoughts on the British Election

Honestly, I don’t have a lot to say about the 2019 General Election. In my point of view, I can’t foresee what the conservative win will bring in the future because of the Brexit mess. Therefore I find it hard to make up an opinion on what I feel about the results, though I think a new leader for the Labour party will have its benefits.




The 2020 Presidential Candidate: Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a 78-year-old man born in Brooklyn and raised by a lower-middle-class family. He was the former mayor of Burlington, Washington, where he also currently lives. Later on, he was elected to the House of Representatives in 1990 and the Senate in 2006. Ten years later he became the runner-up to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

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The Amendments and the Supreme Court

What are the amendments?

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution make up the Bill of Rights. They were proposed by several states to prevent misconstruction or abuse of the powers of the convention and asked that further restrictive sections should be added to the constitution, as an extension of public confidence in the Government. James Maddison wrote the amendments and henceforth the suggestion was determined by the Senate and House of Representatives of the USA. Congress proposed the articles to the legislatures of the several states, in which all, or any, of the amendments, were set to the Constitution of the United States of America. 

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India; Where a Woman is Sexually Harassed Every Twelve Minutes

Though being the world’s largest democracy, India still has a way to go for maintaining that title. Both major economic and social issues have grown roots into the ways of this country, and the awareness of these issues is spreading like wildfire in today’s world of unlimited information. Among the obvious problems with sanitation, poverty, and pollution, women’s safety and sexual harassment get’s their place on the list.

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