Gran Torino: Prejudice Being a Lack of Information

“How does culture influence one’s belief systems and how can getting to know different cultures change your own belief system? Use the film and your own experiences in your answer”

It’s not too rare that we’ll hear some elder person speak negatively about a certain ethnicity or country, and mostly base their statements on pure stereotypes. That type of prejudice and racism is luckily not as common within the younger generation, and I have a specific idea as to why that is.

As we see in the 2008 movie “Gran Torino”, Walt Kowalski was quite reluctant when greeting anything other than what he perceived as “normal” or common. We see examples of his repellent behavior when being introduced to his wife’s pastor and when interacting with his neighbors. You’ll see him act quite high-and-mighty when surrounded by these people, especially when they are attempting to educate him about their little society. But as the movie goes on, and his information about the culture grows, you’ll se Walter adjusting and becoming apart of a new community. He gets invited to cook-outs, befriends the neighboorhod family, befriends the preist and even confesses his sins (something i which he refused greatly).

And therefore I present the conclusion that prejudice is, most of the time, just a symbol of fear or lack of knowlegde about specific cultures and ethnicities.

English Speaking Countries: South Africa

South Africa is a multiethnic society that holds a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions. Its pluralistic exterior is reflected in the constitution’s recognition of 11 official languages, two of these languages are of European origin; Afrikaans developed from Dutch; English that reflects the legacy of British colonialism. Both in which holds different purposes; Afrikaans most often being used as the first language of most colored and white South Africans, while as for English mostly used in public and commercial life.

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist; a Character Analysis​

The main person, Changez, in “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” plays the part as the director in this particular book. We are being told and explained everything from his view and perception, in which results in the book not having any dialogue when in present time. Changez’s overall control when talking to the American (whom he introduces at the very beginning of the book) exceeds to the point of him even describing the man’s reactions to his statements. This creates a very captive atmosphere whenever there is lead to believe there is currently an interaction between them, but then again we’ll never truly know what’s actually going on considering he has total control of the storytelling. The only moments we get dialogues are when jumping back to the past, the people whom he mentions are limited and often shift between his love-interest Erika, and his co-worker Jim.

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Killed for Telling the Truth

To practice one’s freedom of speech should be common in all countries, despite the different countries religions or beliefs. Sadly this is not the case as many journalists and reporters are killed annually due to them speaking up about certain issues. This can be the cause of countries corrupted by terrorist groups or because of the lack of democracy in that specific country. Maybe a little mix between both of them.

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The Inevitable Truth about Migration in Todays Society

The film “Brick Lane” is a crockpot of harsh reality and real happenings when a multicultural society is non-functional. It even portrays how dysfunctional traditions from other nations are brought on and ruins the chance for multicultural societies to work. As we see in the film, a young girl (Nasneen) is sent off at an early age to marry a man, who’s probably 10-15 years older considering he already had an education at the time of her arrival. And it was clear this decision was out of both her control and power, it paints a picture of her fate lying in other people’s hands.

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International Day at Fagerlia VGS

The International Day was successful when it came to the impact it made. Though the program included both a lecture and a thorough explanation of the charity, it was the variety of stories from refugees that stuck with me. One could say I really had to check my privilege after that experience. The people that took their time to tell their difficult, intense, tiresome and time-consuming journey to Norway were radiating bravery. It fascinated me how they could talk about such heartbreaking stories with such ease, some even laughed as they answered questions about their family not being able to visit. There was one boy, Hassan; he chose a more comedic twist while telling his story. Such as how he thought that people were calling his name when they were actually saying “Heisann!”

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Reflecting Over “Girl Rising” and the Girls Involved

  • Which girls’ stories made the greatest impression on you? Why?

I would say the story of Yasmin had me thinking for a while. After suffering such obvious trauma, it amazes me that she manages to process the happening as something she concurred. It’s something I would expect from a girl at her age, the age where people are usually the most impressionable and insecure. For her to strive through such a thing and still come out of it while looking at herself as a “superhero” is admirable. Such genuine confidence and courage is the opposite of what most people are left with after such a horrific experience.

Yet it saddens me that a girl that young has to put on that type of armor, although it’s better than being paralyzed by the trauma, it shouldn’t be necessary. It shouldn’t happen to children, yet it still does.

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The Undiscovered Geniuses that are Stuck Doing Chores

Has it ever crossed your mind what kind of undiscovered knowledge that could be stored inside a 12-year-old Somali girl’s head? Because it should’ve, there are just too many girls out there with huge potential but stuck inside their house because their father says so. I would say my insight on gender equality and quality education is good, I’m up to date, I’m always keen on engaging in conversations about this. On the other hand, it’s easy to sometimes forget how much work there is left despite how far we’ve come. For someone living in Norway, there was never a question about whether or not I should enroll school. I didn’t really have a choice, because education is so much of a privilege that it would be more of a scandal if I dropped out rather than me joining in.

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What “The Importance of Water” Means for Women and Children in Developing Countries

The text “The Importance of Water” starts off by thoroughly explaining the pure importance of water, hence the title of the text. This intro includes both examples of areas where water is a necessity as well as focusing on the UN’s aspect of the issue, it’s already mentioned how there are links between water and women’s empow
erment (in addition to others). Furthermore explaining the links to the other subjects, we eventually get to a paragraph with the title “Water and Women”.

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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and Why I Think Some are More Important than Others

We live in such a massive world with more than 7 billion people all spread out in 197 lands, it’s fair to say it tends be hard keeping up. That’s why I the UN did an excellent job with compiling the worlds current issues into 17 sections, one issue being just as relevant as the other. But considering they only ceased to exist in January of 2016, I will admit that I wasn’t aware of some issues that were mentioned. As an example, I can’t remember being informed of the masses of plastic and garbage in the ocean until roughly two years ago when awareness posts started appearing on Facebook. That’s not how it should be, I should’ve been conscious earlier than the 11th grade about the fact that me using disposable food wrapping every day for my lunch isn’t exactly helping the world. There are so many small things we do daily without hesitation and some of us are never informed of the impact it has on the environment  Even though there exists just as easy, but more sustainable, methods.

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